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Professional to create value, integrity creates brand

             China Guangzhou anranr exhibition products factory, founded in 1998, is a set design, manufacturing, sales and after-sales service as one of the private enterprises. Various wedding tent the Guangzhou anranr Exhibition Products Factory specializes in manufacturing stage tents, large tents, exhibition tents, advertising tent, folding tent, push and pull tent, exhibition supplies, products are exported to various regions of the world, up to since the product received by customers! practical, fair prices I plant products widely used in exhibitions, market mall hawking, catering receptions, group meetings, markets, celebrations, exhibitions cloth field, factory commercial storage, advertising, decoration, backdrop painting, truss stage, new products promotion, promotional activities, outdoor advertising exhibition supplies, manufacturing and sales, to plans to sample orders and so on!
          Products Factory of of Guangzhou anranr exhibition, ten years of professional manufacturing, management and manufacturing, to lead a new industry standard, adhering to the manufacturing experience of Europe and the United States dedicated to the exhibition and tents career. The spirit of "professional to create value, integrity and creates brand" business philosophy, to provide our clients with quality products and efficient service.
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